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The guild Order of the Dragon is a new faction that the player can join. Membership provides many benefits and also initiates a series of quests.

General Information/History

The Order of the Dragon was founded in 2E 897 along with the Cyrodiil Empire. They served as bodyguards to the Emperor and his son, Pelagius I; after Pelagius was assassinated, the Order began to lose prominence in favor of the newly-founded Fighters Guild.

After the War of the Red Diamonds, the Order regained prominence and built a castle on the northern border of Cyrodiil. In the early years of the Third Era, however, a plague swept through the castle, wiping out nearly the entire Order. The Order of the Blades quickly took over the Dragon Order's duties, and the Dragons faded into obscurity.


Joining the guild is automatic - when you become Champion of Cyrodiil, you are inducted into the Order.


  • Once you are a member, almost any item in the Order Castle is free to take without incurring a bounty for thievery.
  • You will be able to build an outpost near Weye.


Main Quest

The Order's main questline intertwines with the mod's main questline. For a list of quests, see here.

Side Quests

These are not part of the main questline; some are only available if you make certain choices, while others are given automatically.


There are no ranks in the Order of the Dragon.


  • This is a list of all members of the Order of the Dragon.
Clagius Infernian
Kenetius Korvanus
Relius Curio
Thoralf Metschlund