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You need a playable install of Oblivion and the official 1.2 patch: http://www.elderscrolls.com/downloads/updates_patches.htm

This mod does not require Shivering Isles or any other DLC or third-party mod.


Dragon Knights

Narina Carvain: Regina Blaurock
Sorla Fyr: Vera Bunk
Cook Irena: Sandra Waris
Helgarth Skeldirssohn: Sven Matthias
Clagius Infernian: Markus Haake
Thoralf Metschlund: Markus Raab
Relius Curio: Ryan O.Hershey
Ingalawen: Sandra Waris
Bodyguard of Bruma: Sabine Graf
First Champion of Cyrodiil: Thomas Kehr
Knight Erk: Beolo
Watch Soldiers: Frauke Hemmelmann, Robert Kerick, Peter Rittinger


Ocato: Martin Sabel
Pelagius: Günther Tonda David
Adhelene: Sabine Graf
Dara: Frauke Hemmelmann
Kalarzon: Beolo
Dreng: Matthias Hellwig
Aedrus: Robert Kerick
Battlemage: Sandra Waris
Kalugar: Beolo
Ruhung: Matthias Hellwig
Tiedemis: Thomas Kehr
Murderer: Karsten Sommer
Prison Guard: Matthias Hellwig
Spy: Blaexx
The Great Rand: Robert Kerick
Legionnaire: Sandra Waris
Adventurer: Matthias Hellwig
Narrator: Markus Haake
Council Members: Ryan O.Hershey, Matthias Hellwig
Svala: Jennifer Tuttlies
Imperials/Bretons: Mario Hassert
Altmer/Bosmer/Dunmer: Martin Schäfer


Kelma: Regina Blaurock
Drela: Sandra Waris
Dira: Frauke Hemmelmann
Rhyming Witch: Jennifer Tuttlies
Madmi: Regina Blaurock
Paladin Aurel: Christoph Memmert
Koiko: Robert Kerick
Kumbul: Ryan O.Hershey
Ihoar: Sandra Waris
Hamill: Tom Langhammer
Treasure Hunter: Sandra Waris
Lord of Moon Sugar: Matthias Hellwig
Kazbai's Mephala Priest: Beolo
Galbulus: Tom Langhammer
Morbelln: Peter Rittinger
Monag: Matthias Hellwig
MaSydJun: Ryan O.Hershey
The Count: Jörg Zepke
Ancient Surelia: Christoph Memmert
Landar: Matthias Hellwig
Ternai: Sandra Waris
Rangar: Peter Rittinger
Elerna: Sandra Waris
Illa: Frauke Hemmelmann
Brinn: Tom Langhammer
Millen: Matthias Hellwig
People: Regina Blaurock, Tatjana Hösselbarth, Martin Oemus, Tom Langhammer, Matthias Hellwig


Ielna Andor: Regina Blaurock
Salacia Malev: Kerstin Kopetsch
Etelso Malev: Martin Sabel
Typhola: Regina Blaurock
Gorald: Beolo
Talvanus: Martin Sabel
Alberto: Thomas Kehr
Farida: Frauke Hemmelmann
Kulim Tadave: Martin Sabel
Kikki: Matthias Hellwig
Mauren: Robert Kerick
Paulor Thedrig: Martin Sabel
Elatena: Sandra Waris
Mauren's Ancestors: Matthias Hellwig
Ilmeni Dren: Sandra Waris
Dunmer: Regina Blaurock, Martin Sabel

Mephala's Servants

Anaydayama: Tatjana Hösselbart
Skent: Carsten Sommer
Ned: Luthien Elensar
Esy: Angelika Kloss
Lanagan: Martin Bohnet
Embalmers: Beolo
Elgath: Matthias Hellwig
Mephala's Servants: Regina Blaurock, Tatjana Hösselbarth
Mephala's Priestesses: Regina Blaurock, Tatjana Hösselbarth
Temple of the Tongues' Ghost: Angelika Kloss
Pharaoh: Beolo
Talking Door: Ryan O.Hershey


Christoph Memmert


Thank you for the support of the German and the international Oblivion Community, especially: Mr_Siika, Arynn, Waalx, Lightwave, Beolo, NewRaven (Elderscrollsgames.de), Garak (PlanetOblivion.de), Sven Matthias (Hoerspielprojekt.de) for special applications & Bethesda Softworks for the 'Pro-Modding' policy towards this project.


The Voice & Sound files in this mod may ONLY be used by Matthias Hellwig, Jörg Zepke, Ryan O.Hershey. The rights for the vocal recordings lie with the speakers and Matthias Hellwig, Jörg Zepke, Ryan O.Hershey. !!! These are to be used in other projects only with EXPRESS permission !!!

The book text & stories may not be reproduced, copied or used in other projects without the express permission of the respective authors. This includes other Oblivion modifications.

The rights to the game lie with Bethesda Softworks. Textures, models, sound & music are not known to us to be subject to copyright by an unnamed party. Characters and story are fictitious. The Order of the Dragon is an entirely non-commercial project.