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IMPORTANT! If you're upgrading to the 2014 version from any version prior, you must make a clean save:

  • Go to a cell that's not part of this mod (the Testing Hall is a good choice) and save the game.
  • Disable Orden Des Drachen.esp or Order of the Dragon.esp, and rebuild your bashed patch.
  • Start the game, save, and exit. Now you can install the new version.

Wrye Bash/Oblivion Mod Manager: Installing this mod with either utility is easy. Simply create a BAIN archive or OMOD, then install that.

Manual: Just unzip all the files and folders into the Oblivion/Data folder. When prompted to overwrite, choose "Yes".

IMPORTANT! In order to play Order of the Dragon properly, you must disable the boundaries around Cyrodiil in the Oblivion.ini. Go to the folder C:\Documents and Settings\your username\My Documents\MyGames\Oblivion and open the Oblivion.ini file. Search for the entry 'bEnableBorderRegion' and change the number after it to a zero. Then search for the entry 'bBorderRegionsEnabled' and change the number after it to a zero. Then save the .ini file and close it.

Starting the Mod

Once you have received the Imperial Dragon Armor after finishing the original game's main quest, head to a town outside of the Imperial City.