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I have many teleport spells from other mods. Can I safely use them?

Unfortunately, no. Teleporting out of a dungeon or a quest situation will certainly lead to problems.

There is in-game help in the form of additional quest markers? How do I turn them on?

Open the console with the ~ key and enter the following: "set ODDEinfach to 1", then hit Enter.

The desert stutters, although the original game doesn't. What can I do?

Go into the game options and turn the visibility down.

Twin Lamps? How do I join them?

Seek out the Ilmeni Estate in Kathar.

But I can't get into Kathar.

Follow the main story and the side quests that follow it until you encounter Skent.

There are special treasures? How many treasures are there, and where can I find them?

There are 20 treasures distributed throughout the mod. You can find out more details in the Order of the Dragon Quests section.

The crypt is pretty hard. Can I shorten this somehow?

No, but you can find a walkthrough of the crypt on our YouTube channel (Note: This channel is narrated in German, so English-speakers will probably have a tough time figuring things out!)

The sacrifice coffin puzzles are terribly difficult. Can someone help me there?

Yes, DirtyOldDunmer was kind enough to make an auxiliary video (Note: This video is also narrated in German.)